Dr. B.S. Keshava Memorial


Educational Support for the Underprivileged

About the Scholarship

Dr. B.S. Keshava Memorial Merit Scholarship (DKMMS), also known as Dr. B.S. Keshava Smaaraka Prathibha Poshaka Nidhi, believes that “education should be attainable to all students willing to work for it”. This scholarship is awarded to underprivileged students in India, initially focusing on the areas in and around Chikmagalur in rural Karnataka. In addition to books and academic material, the scholarship hopes to address some of the unique challenges faced by rural students, which includes career-skill training and soft-skills development. Students entering 1st year PUC (Pre-University College) are eligible for this scholarship, and a selection criteria based on academic merit and strong work-ethics is used to determine scholarship winners.

Why Is It Special

In Memory of Dr. Keshava

This scholarship honors the life of Dr. Keshava, and believes his example of hard work, discipline, humility and generosity will provide an inspiration to many others in rural Karnataka, whose paths may have been fraught with obstacles. The value of education was never lost on Dr. Keshava, which he strove to instill in his family along with all communities he was involved with in India and Australia.

Sustainable Support

This is a renewable scholarship for academically driven students entering PUC 1st year. Academic standards will be re-assessed annually by Prerana, and if maintained, support will continue to be provided until completion o​​f a professional degree. The nature of the support will evolve with each year, such as a focus on interview and soft-skills as students get within sight of their chosen careers.

Partnering with Prerana

This scholarship is in partnership with Prerana, an NGO in Bangalore (Bengaluru), India, that supports over 950 deserving students every year. Prerana’s vision of “No deserving student shall be deprived of education due to economic conditions” aligns perfectly with Dr. Keshava’s beliefs. Prerana’s “Nurture Merit” program is the channel for disbursement of this scholarship.

Chikmagalur and Kalasapura

A 4 hours drive from Bangalore, Chikmagalur (which means 'younger daugther's town') is a very popular destination for tourists, hikers, bird enthusiasts and coffee lovers! Bounded by the Western Ghat ranges, Chikmagalur is home to Karnataka's tallest peak, Mullaiyana Giri. And near by to Chikmagalur are the famous temple towns, Horanadu and Sringeri.

Kalasapura is a small village with a population of about 3500, on the eastern edge of Chikmagalur district. Infrastructure is poor in this area, with limited access to clean drinking water, electricity and medical services. The majority of the population are farmers and unemployment is high. Kalasapura has 2 small schools and 1 junior college called Government Pre-University College, which is where the initial scholarship winners have been chosen from. Bangalore may be the IT capital of India, but most students here have not heard of Facebook or Whatsapp, or even seen the internet.

Meet some of our initial scholarship winners

A message from Indian cricket great, Javagal Srinath




Students currently
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About Dr. B.S. Keshava

Early Life

Born on October 5th, 1941, in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka state in India, Dr. Keshava was the 4th of 5 brothers. His father sold butter in Chikmagalur and later, in Bangalore. His initial schooling was in Mysore and Chikmagalur and through much hard-work and dedication, he completed his PUC II and gained admission to Ayurvedic College in Shimoga. After a year, he transferred to Medical School in Bangalore University. After graduation, he worked as a medical officer in ESI Hospital in Bangalore, between 1970 and 1972.

Life in Australia

Dr. Keshava and Mrs. Seetha Keshava migrated to Australia in late 1972, where he spent his next 45 years. He trained in psychiatry between 1974-80 and had many professional achievements over the years. He is also well remembered for the significant contributions made to his family, faith and community. As Asian cultures became more mainstream in the 1970’s, Dr. Keshava played a large role in the formation of the Sydney Kannada Sangha, the Sydney Carnatic Music Circle and the early Sathya-Sai Baba centers in Sydney.

Music, Cricket & Family

Besides Carnatic music, cricket was a passion for Dr. Keshava, and from the 1970's he hosted many members from the Karnataka cricket team, from their formative years through to the time they represented India. His humility, kindness, generosity and loving nature touched most who met him, and he has set a wonderful example for his children and grandchildren to follow. This memorial scholarship is a tribute to his life, and he will surely be smiling down as the achievements of the scholarship winners come to fore in future years.

Student Letters

A peek into the dreams and aspirations of some of our scholarship recipients

“ My aim is to attain and education that will enable me to get into the Police Force and become a Police Officer. ”

Pavithra G M


“ I have got this far with very limited means. This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of an education and then joining the army. ”

Naveen V J


“ I'm the last of 4 daughter and my parents would love to see me as a Chartered Accountant when I grow up. This scholarship will enable me to fulfill that dream. ”

Heena Cowser


“ My aim is to become a college professor. I'm working hard to achieve that aim. I'm very certain that I will get there without fail. ”

Sahana k


“ My fond wish is to gain an education that will get me to the position of a bank-manager, and to be able to take very good care of my parents in their old-age. ”

Rajesh S G


Learn more about PRERANA

Prerana is an education NGO based in Bangalore, India. The Dr. B.S. Keshava Memorial Merit Scholarship is in partnership with Prerana. Visit the Prerana website or Contact Us for more details.